Jim Peal

Jim Peal

Jim Peal, Ph. D.

Jim shares strategies for how to tune in and listen to oneself, how to transform the negative shadow thought forms into life affirming ones that propel the leader forward and strategies to balance the four leadership qualities. Jim works with leaders to create exceptional teams and engaging business cultures as the founding director of the Leadership Development Group. While his fascination with the intersection of mind, body and experience fueled his education including a degree from the Baylor Medical School as well as a psychology Ph.D. degree in NeuroSomatics Jim’s tenure has includes serving in faculty positions at two graduate schools of psychology including the Pacifica Graduate Institute: permanent home of Joseph Campbell’s personal library and archives. He has authored the books: Daring to Have Real Conversation in Business and Check Your Attitude at the Door/ Ein-Stellungs-Wechsel! (German edition).


From the moment a person receives the “calling” today’s hero faces a multitude of challenges and complexity that have never existed before. As we face the myriad of inputs from email to smartphone apps and the avalanche of expectations, understandably human nature draws each one of us to rely solely on certain strength often to our own detriment. Jim presents a model that helps us sort the decisions that are before us on our journey.  The hero’s journey of today’s leader is not defined by external heroic acts but rather by a qualitative shift in the decisions that person makes and the ensuing behaviors that happen along the journey. Jim explores the transformational dynamics that occur for the leader of today through the lens of four distinct leadership qualities; the visionary  – who’s focus is the ultimate goal or destination, the activator – who creates the path to get there and initiates action, the coach – who focuses on the human element and supports performance, and the mentor – who takes on the development of the character of the leader. While the Hero’s journey calls for different dimensions of these leadership qualities at different times, Jim’s notion is that when the extraordinary leader is able to develop, balance and sustain all four dimensions they signify the Hero’s “return with elixir.” At that point their very presence is a gift to the world.